2020 Challenges, Goals, and whatever else

So, 2019 was… something. I had a goal of 75 books and I’ve only read like 68 (12 of those in this month alone). I did not keep up with any of my challenges at all. I would like to say I have a good reason, but life was just a little extra this year. I got married to an amazing man, started my second year of teaching, started crafting more, etc.

With all that said, my bookish goals for 2020 are-
•Keep up with my reading blog!
•Complete some of these 5 million reading challenges that I seem to think is a good idea to commit to.
•Read more diverse books
•Read all my arcs in time !!
•Immerse myself in this reading to community

Reading Challenge Announcements
Bare with me, there are quite a few!

1.TBR and Beyond Challenge 2020 (Facebook)
2.  Monthly Book Bingo challenges from The Book Democracy Book Club (Facebook)
3. 2020 Popsugar Challenge
4. 52 books in 52 weeks 2020 reading challenge
5. Reading Women Challenge
6. Diversity Challenge 2020
7. 2020 Literary Escapes Challenge
8. Linz the Bookworm’s 2020 Reading Challenge
9. 2020 A-Z reading Challenge
10. Beat the Backlist Team TBR STACKERS
11. NJM Book Challenge 2020
And of course, there will be others throughout the year such as September’s Latinx Challenge, and whatever I find along the way. I’m really excited and hope I can keep up with it this year!

Are you doing any of these challenges? Are there any I should check out?

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