The Magic Misfits- Neil Patrick Harris (mini-review)

The Magic Misfits (Magic Misfits, #1)

Goodreads Description

When street magician Carter runs away, he never expects to find friends and magic in a sleepy New England town. But like any good trick, things change instantly as greedy B.B. Bosso and his crew of crooked carnies arrive to steal anything and everything they can get their sticky fingers on.

After a fateful encounter with the local purveyor of illusion, Dante Vernon, Carter teams up with five other like-minded kids. Together, using both teamwork and magic, they’ll set out to save the town of Mineral Wells from Bosso’s villainous clutches. These six Magic Misfits will soon discover adventure, friendship, and their own self-worth in this delightful new series

My Review

This book was really cute and a fun read. I will definitely have this in my classroom library. It reminded my of A Series Of Unfortunate Events in the sense of the narrator talking to the audience. I also love the cover because it includes diversity with the characters and it is so pretty. I also like that the book explained words by saying things like ” normally this word means that, but in this case, it means this.” I think that helps the kids decode words easier and learn. There is also interactive aspects of the book that I though were cool such as secret codes and magic tricks.  

Rating: 4/5  stars

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