Accept Your Fate

So I don’t even know why I’m here?

I mean I appreciate the fear

but I literally told you the what, when, how, and why!

You weren’t watching your child so now you want to blame and cry?

I mean okay maybe I overreacted in the whole cursing a child

but come on, you let her run wild!

All you had to do is stop her from touching the spindle of the wheel.

Why is everyone making such a big deal?

This could have all been avoided if you didn’t discriminate!

Now sit there and accept your fate!

Even when I showed up to the party a little late,

I was shunned , you all full of hate.

Had you all accepted me and treated me fair

this could have been avoided, but you all didn’t care!

Now your case of negligence was spinned into a pity tale

You think because a prince saved her, I have failed?

no, if you can’t join them , then beat them

into oblivion.

I won after all

millions love me and are rooting for your downfall.

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