More 2018 Challenges?

So besides Beat the Backlist Challenge, I will also be participating in a few more year-long challenges.  I will be updating you all each month on my progress for each challenge. I am in my last semester of school, so I am not sure how far I will get with these but it seems fun!


First will be the 2018 A to Z Reading Challenge hosted by Ginger Mom and the Kindle Quest.  This looks super fun and because I am me, I will not be doing a TBR for this. I will just wing it. Basically for this challenge, you read a book for each letter of the alphabet (words such as a, an, the do not count.) Sounds easy right?



The next challenge I decided to do was 52 books in 52 weeks by Mommy Mannegren. There are challenges for the books as well. Over the next few days I will try to come up with a TBR for this one as well as the PopSugar 2018 Challenge and BookRiot’s Read Harder Challenge ( they will probably change throughout the year, especially because of ARCS.)

Here are the list for the 3 challenges.

2018 Reading List

I can’t seem to get a decent copy of the popsugar 2018 challenge so here is the link 

And lastly, BookRiots Read Harder Challenge.



Are you participating in any of these challenges ? What other challenges are you participating in? Has anyone found any diversity challenges? I’ve been searching for one.




4 thoughts on “More 2018 Challenges?

  1. I have three or four TBRs just because I spend my non-reading time looking at books. I will likely throw them all out the window and just read what I want lol 🙂 But yay that you are joining us! Only a few short days to go!!


    1. Lol I have a main tbr with 1346 books but when it comes to challenges, making a list discourages me. I’m weird like that. I lookat it like “Don’t tell me what i am going to read lol


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