Grinch Book Tag

This tag was originally created by Sam from Thoughts on Tomes  and I found it on meltotheany’s blog.

This tag was perfect because I love the Grinch (I have watched it 3 times in the last month. )

So I will be honest and tell you all that I will most likely be doing A LOT of Christmas/winter tags because I’m off the next few week from work and school. Plus it seems fun and I am hoping to get into the spirit.

1. Half of the lights on the Christmas tree are burnt out : Name a book/series/character that started out good but then went downhill


Okay so this is hard for me to say because I love the first two books but the second to books were ehh to me. I was so pumped and I felt a little disappointed but it was still a great series. Dorothy Must Die Series by Danielle Paige. I will say though, I will read anything by Danielle Paige!

2. Annoying Great Aunt Sally who will not leave you alone : Name a book that you didn’t enjoy, but everyone else seems to love so it never goes away

The Fault in Our Stars by John Greene. Now it is not that I don’t like it, but I didn’t enjoy it as much as EVERYONE in the world seems too. It was just okay to me.

3. Your pets keep knocking over the Christmas decoration : Name a character that kept messing things up for everyone else (can’t pick a villain!)

So I couldn’t think of anyone besides Albus (Harry Potter’s son) from The Cursed Child. He was so bratty and annoying. That is all that I will say about that.

4. You hear your parents putting out the presents and learn Santa isn’t real: Name a book you were spoiled for

Hunger Games, Divergent, and Maze Runner because even though I watch the movies before I read the books (never got around to the books) people were talking about it so much that I already knew what was going to happen and never even wanted to read the books. I have a few just sitting on my shelf waiting though.

5. It’s freezing outside: Name a main character you just couldn’t connect with

Gansey from Raven Boys. Actually, I couldn’t connect with any of the characters. I tried and wanted to like it but I just couldn’t.

6. Mariah Carey’s ‘All I Want for Christmas is You’ and it’s giving you anti-romantic feelings : Name a couple you couldn’t stand

I couldn’t stand Tamlin and Feyre. He was like I’m the man and you’re the airheaded girlfriend that is to only concern yourself with frivolous girl stuff like dresses and tea parties.

7. That scratchy homemade wool sweater you got for Christmas years ago but won’t get rid of : show some books that have been sitting on your shelves for a while, and you aren’t motivated to read, but you don’t have the heart to get rid of

Hunger Games, Beautiful Creatures, Matched, and 5th wave

8. Grandma Got Runover by a Reindeer: Name a character death you still are mad about (warn people for spoilers! You can also use TV or movie deaths)


Even though I knew it would happen, Jest from Heartless killed me!Like why ? WHY?

9. The malls are overly crowded with holiday shoppers: Name a series that has too many books in it/went on too long

I don’t have an answer for this one yet, I will get back to you.

10. The Grinch : Name a main character you HATE (No villains again!)

Tamlin from ACOTAR because he just rubbed me the wrong way. Arrogant buttface ___hat.

Image result for grinch gif

I tag everyone.

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