The Real Evil Queen

I was once in love with a King who only pretended to care,

I didn’t want much, except what  was fair.

All he cared about was his precious little Snow White,

Nevermind his younger daughter young Starry Night.

He refused to let her be seen or heard

I mean don’t you think that is a bit absurd?

You never hear mention of my child in the stories!

Only about Snow’s false worries.

Once again, a tale twisted

into what a bratty princess has insisted!

Lies upon lies about talking mirrors and plots to kill

all because I refused to kneel

in front of an ungrateful spoiled child

who was disobedient and wild!

She bullied poor Starry telling her she was nothing

I had enough! I asked for one thing!

To apologize to her sister , after all they were family

She ran away acting childish and silly.

When I found out she was living with 7 strange men

I tried to make ammends

with an apple and pleads to come home.

She refused and I returned alone.

Next thing I know, I’m being arrested for attempted murder

But come on ! Seriously ? I never hurt her!

Now I’ve been shunned,

and your precious princess locked my daughter up just for fun!

So you tell me?

Who’s really the Evil Queen?

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