Deep Sea-cret

Once upon a time, deep under the sea

There was a sea witch as amazing as can be.

She was minding her own business dreaming of an evil plot,

When the king himself told her of a lesson needing to be taught.

You see his daughter was a bit too curious

He found out that she met a human and he was furious.

“She doesn’t understand the nature of these 2 legged creatures,

But she will learn and you shall teach her.

In turn, you shall recieve

a portion of what is dear to me.

A piece of my kingdom under your control”

So I looked deep into the girls adventurous soul.

Now I know this doesn’t exactly clear my name.

I am clearly evil, but it is not the same.

I was doing my duty by serving my mighty king,

by taking the girls ability to talk and sing.

I gave her legs so she would see

that under the sea was the place to be.

Who’d have thought that the king would throw me under the fishy school bus.

That taught me that the king was not someone I can trust.

Now everyone is living happy and free

while I’m banished to the darkest parts of the sea.

I shall be back for them all,

and Tritons’ kingdom WILL fall!

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