The True Wicked Step-Sister

Have you ever had your kindness blow up in your face?

Well, in the story of Cinderella, that is certainly the case.

My mother was no doubt evil and cruel

And everytime Ella and my sister talked, it was definitely a duel!

But Sweet little Ella too had a scary wicked side.

So talented when she schemed and lied

So skilled at pretending that she had nothing to hide.

I always defended her and in turn was punished with chores

We were so close and shared secrets galore

Until one afternoon, while out on a walk

When I ran into Charming just wanting to talk.

Over time, we fell in love and talked about marriage.

He sweeped me off my feet with talks about a carriage.

I swore to Ella that I would rescue the both of us

Silly me, thought she was the only one I could trust.

All of a sudden, I began to get weaker and weaker,

Ella stepped up like a mother, I thought I needed her.

The night of the ball, I could not even get up to crawl.

Later I was told by the cook who saw

that Ella poisoned my soup and tea

how could I refuse to see what was in front of me.

She stole my dress that I made by hand

made up some story of a fairy godmother that spread across the land.

Cried to Charming about her being abused,

He didn’t even believe me when I refused

I told him she must be confused!

I begged and pleaded, told the truth

How could he love a monster he yelled

He whisked her away off her feet

but I could not admit defeat!

I tried to talk to my “sister”

even after my heart shattered when he kissed her.

She told him that I was the worst of all!

So a servant I was made, while she laughed at my fall.

You see, your precious princess lived happily ever after,

While I’m stuck here calling her master.

She is truly evil to the inner core.

But stay tuned to what I have in store! (Buahahahaha)

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