My Poems- Love Is An Illusion (7/15/09)

Palms all sweaty, my hearts racin’.

Silly dreams, I’m still chasin’.

All in love with the idea of being in love,

Still waiting for Mr. Perfect to come from up above.

Until then I play the game!

They say they’re different, but in reality they’re all the same!

Lying, cheating, breakin’ my heart!

Relationships end before they start!

All they’re after is a girls virginity,

say no and they’re no longer into me.

They want a girl to follow their command,

bow down to their every demand!

Love is just an illusion,

something he uses for his amusion

He whispers in my ear, saying he’ll never leave

he says he needs my love to breathe!

All the while knowing hes got someone on the side!

how many more are along for the ride?

He doesn’t see the wrong!

Haha be assured, I wont be blind for long!

I can play it too

Dont eff with me and I wont eff with you!!

Why can’t they just be true?

and not expect me to do what they say on cue!!

Cuz baby it don’t work like that,

play with fire and you’ll get burned right back!!!!

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